Installing Postman on Fedora 29

Because of a new job a was face with the task of installing Postman in my workstation, already try the first method of installing via the software application in fedora 29 but it seems to be a very old version and because i prefer having a more updated aproach to application already check the download page for postman but only have the tar.gz without install notes.

luckily already find a install from tar.gz from scott lowe but the steps are similar and not currently the same as in Installing Postman on Fedora27

Followed steps:

  1. Download the postman tarball
curl -L

2. unpack the tarball, like scott i tend to left in /opt all the third party or custom install applications that i install.

sudo tar xvzf postman.tar.gz -C /opt

3. In this case the postman folder structure has change a little bit that is because they add another folder in the hierarchy.

from this :


to this:


4. create a symbolic link to the Postman to a directory included in your $PATH, already stick with /usr/local/bin dir.

sudo ln -s /opt/Postman/app/Postman /usr/local/bin/postman

after this you can exec Postman from the shell with the postman command.

5. but because i want to open Postman from the grafical launcher in my case gnome, already change the root of the icon to make it work in this version.

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=API Client
X-GNOME-FullName=Postman API Client
Comment=Make and view REST API calls and responses

6. you only have to do a logout if you are using fedora using wayland, but if you are using X11 instead you restart the env with Alt+F2 and then put the r command to restart.

btw at the time on this post, am installing postman v6.7.1.

that’s all lml